Texas Woman Claims To Have Found Mythical Chupacabra
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September 1, 2007: A hunter in Cuero, Texas, found roadkill that she believes to be a Chupacabra. She says she and the neighbors found three such creatures dead not far from her home, and that despite being a domestic hunter and formerly a big game hunter in Africa, she's never seen anything like it. She kept the head of one, to mount it.

Something in the area had been killing chickens, and she and the neighbors thought it was el chupacabra. However, with just a single head to work from, it looks more like just an ugly dog with big teeth and mange.


Game and Story Use

  • Smart money was on it being just a pack of dogs… until 2 years later when the news in Texas asked again: The Chupacabra Caught?. Now we can see not just oversized fangs on a single head, but a second find with the same skin color and large teeth, plus abnormally long legs, too. It may be a new species.
  • I note that news (at the time) covered it like crazy - it was on TV, in the AP and Reuters services, and made the rounds. At the time they said the head was going to be given genetic tests to see if it was just a dog, or some new species, and we'd hear more when the tests came back.
    • Then nothing. Whatever the results were, they didn't make headlines….
    • Today, I had a hard time finding a surviving article about it - all the links I'd saved were now missing from the web. Conspiracy? Just sayin'.
      • …'cause the internet has never deleted an article before! Perish the thought. The internet is inviolate and sacred! :)
      • Fire up the Wayback machine, or some other equivalent retro-search engine. If that doesn't find your links…
  • What could kill 3 chupacabras? Or three wild dogs, for that matter?
    • Is something far nastier out there? A comelenguas, perhaps?
    • Were the dogs actually killed by the real chupacabra?
    • Some kind of vehicle according to the "roadkill" description - amusing, if anticlimatic. Sort of like the end of "Tailchaser's Song"…
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