The Ace

This page is about the character that is the best at everything, and knows it. For the hotshot fighter-pilot, see Ace Pilot.

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"Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble,
When you're perfect in every way…"

Basic Information

He's the best at what he does, and he looks good doing it. He's the Ace: handsome, assured and infuriatingly competent. Women love him; men envy him; and animals acknowledge him as master. And his teeth gleam when he smiles.



Game and Story Use

  • Deep in their hearts, all players want to be The Ace.
    • Here's the thing, though. There can only be one best! If one of the players is a true Ace, then he's going to overshadow all the other characters, because the True Ace is the best at everything! (Or nearly so)
    • The only hope is to give the Ace enough areas where he needs help so that the other players aren't redundant and give him enough humility to be bearable.
      • AND to make sure the other players are cool with playing second fiddle to Mister Attention Hog.
  • A better use for the Ace is to make him an NPC rival, a competitor who will goad the players into trying to show him up.
    • Ultimately, you will want to give the players a chance to show him up, but make them work for it!
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