The Army's Totally Serious Mind-Control Project
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September 14, 2008: The United States armed forces have funded a project which attempts to create "thought helmets" which would allow its soldiers to communicate soundlessly by "thinking loud" - an electronic version of telepathy. This is done via analyzing the brain waves of people via computers. It is expected that this will eventually be possible to do in real time, although users will have to be trained to think in particular waves to make use of such devices.



Game and Story Use

  • The same technology could also be used to control robots remotely.
  • This could be an intermediate step towards the direct brain-computer implants common in cyberpunk.
    • The two could also coexist - the thought helmets could be used by those unable or unwilling to get the implants.
  • …mind you, if you think the swearing on open channel voice radio is bad when the shooting starts…
    • Also, this could spell the end of mixed combat units…
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