The Black Man
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Basic Information

The Black Man is a figure from European myth, later transported to the Americas and commonly seen as being an avatar of The Devil. As his name implies, he is literally black - not Negro, indeed, typically Caucasian in appearance but absolutely jet black of skin, hair and typically dress as well. Accounts of his eyes vary, from red, to also black to animal like (goatlike seems popular). Some sources indicate that his body is also extremely cold to the touch and he may well have six fingers on one or both hands. It would not be too much of a stretch for the "black" man to actually be something like a photographic negative.

He is often cited as appearing as the patron to a witch's coven - hence the suggestion that he is either The Devil or one of his representatives - and overseeing and/or participating in the rites, as well as receiving the fealty of new initiates.


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Game and Story Use

  • In the cthulhu mythos, the black man is (like almost everything else) a "mask" of nyarlthotep.
  • Dungeons and Dragons recycles this image as the demon prince Grazzt.
  • May serve as a boss for a significant battle against a coven, or more in the style of an Enigmatic Minion, who is sometimes seen hanging about in the background, but never actually seems to do anything and is usually gone by the time the PCs get there.
  • Alternatively as an omnipotent plot device - immune to whatever the PCs can throw at him, but prone to just sneer and walk away rather than take advantage of the fact.
  • When you want to lampshade a Deal with The Devil, this is a good candiate to be holding the paperwork.
  • For a silly campaign, be prepared to quote Ali G "Is it because I is black?" (subject to audience as always).
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