The Dark Side Of Dubai
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April 7, 2009: The article discusses the darker aspects of Dubai, including:

  • Expatriates finding themselves stuck in Dubai when they face unexpected financial hardship.
  • Abuse of migrant workers who are often not paid and who get their passports confiscated upon arrival.
  • Denial of the problems by natives of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Shallowness of expatriate culture, as expatriates party every night and have all their work done by servants or migrant workers from poorer nations.
  • Abandonment of many architectural prestige projects as the recession deepens.
  • Increasing environmental problems, especially with the water supply.



Game and Story Use

  • Dubai can work well as the prototype of a Cyberpunk city, and GMs running Cyberpunk campaigns might use it as a model - or as it is.
  • The player characters could be private investigators searching for a missing person in Dubai, and deal with all dark aspects of Dubai culture on their way.
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