The DPSer
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Basic Information

DPS is a videogame term that stands for Damage Per Second. The DPSer is a combat role all about dealing said damage, as quickly as possible, to a single target. This may be done via Ranged Weapons, Ambush / Sneak Attack, Poison, or just diving in to the Melee. It's a pretty broad category, that arguably encompasses all characters who fight one attack roll at a time.

Subtypes and Related Tropes



Game and Story Use

Building This Character

  • The point of this character is to do damage where it's needed, when it's needed. Your main focus is on things that maximize your damage, and the maneuverability to get into position to strike.
    • This can be an all-around Warrior character, or an extreme specialist.
    • They might be as resilient as The Tank, or as fragile as the Squishy Wizard.
    • Follow the links to subtypes and variants for more concrete ideas.
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