The Dragon

This page refers to the Character as Narrative Device trope. For the big scaly beast of mythology, see Dragon.

Basic Information

The Dragon is the second-in-command, or elite Mini Boss, of the evil forces. He's not the Big Bad Evil Guy, but he is the single greatest physical challenge The Hero will face. Said hero definitely has to defeat The Dragon before he can defeat the Big Bad or save the Damsel In Distress.

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Game and Story Use

  • Having The Dragon in your game gives you a little more freedom in how you stat (and roleplay) your Big Bad. He no longer has to be militant and physically powerful, since he has an enforcer to do the dirty work for him (or avenge his death if the PCs jump him earlier than you were expecting).
  • If The Dragon is also The Starscream, clever PCs may be able to turn him against the Big Bad.
  • The Dragon also makes an excellent Fake BBEG, with the actual BBEG either disguised as his advisor (or some other kind of minion1) or even apparently on the same side as the PCs2
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