The Fill-In-The-Blank Kid
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Basic Information

In The Wild West, a man had to grow up fast if he wanted to survive. Quite a few gunslingers and outlaws made their reputation before they were even old enough to shave regularly. Thus, they got "Kid" as part of their nickname. Given the lethality of their professions, few lived long enough to have this become an embarrassing name. A few real world Kids that are still remembered today include Billy the Kid, The Sundance Kid, The Apache Kid and Kid Curry.

Fill in the blank with whatever seems appropriate. Might be the name of the town or territory they came from, some descriptive trait of their physical appearance, or a Trope that fits them.

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Game and Story Use

  • Fast with a gun, full of raging hormones, and out to prove himself. If that ain't a recipe for disaster, I don't know what is.
    • Perfect for when the sessions grown a little slow, and a little action is needed to wake everybody up.
  • An adult might well be a former Fill-In-The-Blank Kid. possibly a Retired Gunslinger.

Building This Character

  • In general, The Kid should have stats similar to either The Gunslinger or the Young Gun, depending on his age and level of experience. See those pages for ideas, but possibly with the following variations:
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