The Forbidden Plateau
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Basic Information

Located in the Comox Valley to the southwest of Mt. Washington. The plateau is dotted with small lakes and small hills. A large section of the plateau is part of the Strathcona Provincial Park.

The plateau was home to two giant events in Canada's history. Most recently, in 1946 it was epicenter of the strongest earthquake recorded on Canadian soil. The quake registered at 7.3 on the Richter scale.

It is also the place of Canada's largest disappearance. According to the legends of the Comox people, they would leave their women, children and elderly on the Plateau when they went to raid or when they were raided. During a raid by the Cowichan people, the Comox people on the Plateau vanished with out a single trace. After that, the plateau became taboo, as it was belived that any who went there would also vanish.


Game and Story Use

  • Door into the fairy realm
  • Time travel portal to past or future
  • Entrance into another universe or world
    • The 1946 earthquake collapsed the entrance, but a similar quake could reopen it.
  • How about this: A greedy real estate developer buys some land on the plateau and builds a new community there for those who want to "get close to nature", despite the obligatory warnings by a Comox elder. The PCs also move to the community for various reasons - and then their tranquil lives turn into a survival horror game.
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