The Hunt For The Dreamers
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By jhubertjhubert


The Adventure Seed

There is a very small number of people around the world who have very intensive dreams - and these dreams can affect the real world. If their dreams are pleasant, things go well around them, but if they have nightmares, they can call monsters into the world.

Most of these people aren't aware of their talent, and a world-wide conspiracy is dedicated to keeping it this way. They keep track of them, and regularly slip drugs into their food and drink to make sure that their sleep is dreamless. Unfortunately, a member of this conspiracy has slipped up - he has lost a laptop with the names of all the Dreamers in a very public place. And now other organizations have become aware of the dreamers - and started to kidnap them to get them to dream the reality they want.

Unfortunately, they don't know how to control them well - with the result that the kidnapped Dreamers tend to have a lot of nightmares. And the accumulation of nightmares manifesting in the real world is weakening the very fabric of reality - which might cause a violent merger between the world of dreams and the physical universe unless they are stopped.

The PCs might start unawares of the connection between the kidnapped Dreamers and the more and more frequent appearance of monsters, and gradually figure out the truth. Or they might start out as agents of the original conspiracy. Either way, the race is on to save the world!

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