The Hunter
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Basic Information

The Hunter is a characters as device trope. He or she hunts a specific type of creature or foe and has become obsessed with the hunt. Dependent on what exactly it is that he hunts he may vary between villain and hero - and other forms of values dissonance may apply.

The hunter may be in search of the perfect trophy (which may or may not be a necklace of ears) or may actively seek prey that is capable of fighting back, aiming to test his own skill and endurance against the greatest enemies he can find. Your day to to day pot hunter or forager probably doesn't have enough invested in his hunting to fit this archetype … he's just "a" hunter.

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Game and Story Use

  • PCs could either be the Hunted or their prey, depending on the story.
  • The Hunter is particularly effective when van Helsing hate crimes are in effect … sometimes a werewolf hunter may be a very necessary person, but if not all werewolves are dangerous things can get a lot less black and white…
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