The Interfering Brassieres
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Basic Information

A 1982 article in the London Daily Mail reported that "Rogue Bras" were causing interference with television sets. According to the article, 10,000 brassieres made by a local manufacturer had developed this quirk because the support wires in the bras had been fashioned out of a specially treated copper originally used in fire alarms. When the copper came in contact with nylon from the brassire and warmth from the wearer's body heat, it produced static electricity which interfered with television and radio signals.

The Daily Mail recommended that women remove their bras and dangle them over their televisions to see if their underthings were affected.

Hundreds of readers were fooled by this April Fools stunt, including the chief engineer for British Telecom, who asked that all his female employees be checked for malfunctioning brassieres.


Game and Story Use

  • The bras might be part of a plot, an insidious plot, I tell you!!! to sabatoge… um… something or other.
    • A plot to sabotage the BBC, or a plot to get a large number of women to dangle their bras over their televisions for whatever reason?
  • Your superiors believe this rumor is serious and have assigned you to investigate!
    • Yeah. And so you're going to have to convince the female NPC that she absolutely has to remove her bra immediately as a matter of National Security. Good luck with that.
      • And it's just when you've convinced her that your girlfriend walks in on the two of you…
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