The Long and Winding Road
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Basic Information

The Long and Winding Road is a stretch of road near Pine Creek in The Valley, Delaware which is said to be haunted:

"Numerous reports have come in of eyes peering out of the darkness, screams piercing through the night, shapes running in front of cars, trees bending and going with cars, and the crying of a baby which is believed to be that of a dead infant who was abandoned on this road. The trees are said to follow you as opposed to just letting you pass by."


Game and Story Use

  • Normally hauntings are confined to a particular spot, such as a single building. That an entire road is haunted is unusual, and implies that some tragedy or massacre occurred along its length.
  • Alternatively, the road itself could be an ancient "safe" travel route through a spirit-haunted area, and the hauntings are an attempt by the spirit to scare travelers off the road - where they will no longer be protected by ancient magics and/or treaties.
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