The Merch
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Basic Information

The Merch is a fictional creature from the Penny Arcade webcomic. It is a small, blue, fuzzy creature which has been cursed by an evil wizard and is constantly sick. However, the curse can be temporarily lifted once a week if teenagers buy large amounts of Merch merchandise ("even if it means stealing from mom and dad") - the Merch will then rise from his coma and then impart some "insight".

However, if not enough Merch merchandise is bought, the Merch will transform into the evil Fleshreaper, who will "fly from house to house, collecting torsos".


1. The Merch @ Penny Arcade

Game and Story Use

  • While the Merch is a blatant parody of teen consumerism, the idea of a creature (whether a spirit or a more physical monster like a dragon) that needs to be appeased through ritual sacrifices so that it doesn't bring great harm to a community has a long history and can be used in many settings.
    • Perhaps the creature actually assists a community with its blessings if it is appeased, in which case the sacrifices can be a fairly mainstream religion.
    • On the other hand, if it's purely malevolent, it's a variation of a Sealed Evil in a Can, and the sacrifices essentially ward it off. Naturally, the PCs will arrive as something goes wrong with the sacrifices - or perhaps they are even responsible for disrupting it ("No human sacrifices while we are around!").
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