The Mole
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Basic Information

The Mole is a character who pretends to be on the good guys' side while actually serving an opposing faction.
Moles come in various types including the Treacherous Advisor and the Sixth Column.


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Game and Story Use

  • A staple of espionage and conspiracy stories, The Mole can add some drama and possibly intrigue and paranoia to any story. The Mole can work very well in RPGs, provided you manage to convince the players that he's not it.
  • The Mole can be useful to justify (though only in retrospect) low-ranking and inexperienced PCs getting important missions: a higher-up mole is using his influence to arrange for this, hoping the PCs will fail these missions. Thus, he'll work to the PCs advantage for a while, exaggerating their qualifications to their superiors and generally keeping them out of trouble. They may even know and like him well. Of course, when they pull off one unlikely success after another and quickly rise in rank he may start to act against them, at which point reasons to suspect there is a mole start coming up and the mole-centric subplot begins.
  • In particularly paranoid settings, one of the PCs may be The Mole, unknown to the other players. This can be very hard to pull off and can cause some resentment, so be very careful before deciding to go with it.
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