The Mysterious Death of George S. Patton
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November 22, 2012

Evidence, albiet possibly of the conspiracy theory type seems to be emerging that the renowned American WW2 hero General George S. Patton was murdered in the immediate post war period by Soviet agents, possibly with the connivance of fifth columnists within the US Intelligence Community.

Officially, Patton's death was an unexpected complication from a fairly minor motoring accident. Do the facts add up?


The Story at American Thinker

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Game and Story Use

  • Really easily recycled - two powers have just defeated a third and are carving up the spoils between them and eyeing each other up for a forthcoming confrontation. One power has a distinguished general - veteran of the war that has just ended - agitating for his own country to prepare for conflict with their erstwhile ally.
    • The PCs could be tasked with killing him.
    • The PCs could find out about the plot and be trying to stop it.
    • The PCs could be investigating the murder in the face of high level interference.
    • The PCs could even just be first on the scene and unaware (at first) of what is going on - when the conspirators come after them to eliminate the witnesses, the real adventure begins, possibly with the PCs being pushed into a counter conspiracy (the Cinncinnati perhaps?).
      • This could be a good lead in to a campaign spent hunting down communist infiltrators during the McCarthy era - "we couldn't save Patton, but we'll make the NKVD pay for messing with our country!"
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