The shadowy organisation that wants to give the UK billions
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November 5, 2010: A member of the United Kingdom's House of Lords has come forward with a proposition from a secretive organization known as "Foundation X". Said Foundation is offering to give the nation at least £5bn, possibly as much as £12bn. That's a lot of pounds.

Supposedly, it is "completely genuine", with "no strings attached". However, they will only fork over the dough if 'contacted by someone equal to head of state status or someone with an international security rating equal to the top six people in the world'.


Game and Story Use

  • Sounds a bit sinister, doesn't it? The GM has full control of just how innocent (or not) such offers are in their setting.
  • The money could be a smokescreen. Whoever is offering it just wants a phone call from the Queen.
    • Maybe it's some sort of status thing (a bored billionaire playing games). This could make a red herring to keep the PCs busy, or might be a bit of characterization fluff for some ridiculous NPC. A practical joke that got way out of hand, perhaps?
    • Given the right setting, the phone call could be an important part of some sympathetic magic ritual. Perhaps they have a way to hypnotize or enchant anyone who willingly contacts them. So the offer of money is just to provoke a willful connection that can be exploited supernaturally.
      • If your system is crunchy enough, and features functional magic, the PCs may be able to guess what sort of spells could be unleashed across a phone call.
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