The Steamroller
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Basic Information

The Steamroller is a combat role (and also a subtype of Ace Pilot).

The Steamroller is a very aggressive attacker, who launches a flurry of blows and hounds the enemy relentlessly. In some ways, The Steamroller overlaps with The DPSer. However, the Steamroller is focused on number of attacks rather than accuracy or damage potential. You make daring frontal assaults that keep the enemy off balance and on the defensive.

The Steamroller can get a kill in one of three ways:



Game and Story Use

Building This Character



  • Weapon skills, like Marksmanship or Melee are likely to be quite high. (By contrast, Dodge and Parry might not be as good, since the character isn't likely to fight defensively.
  • Intimidation will be useful - just how useful depends on how effective social rolls are in the system.
  • In some systems, Leadership is needed by The Steamroller. I'm talking about systems where Morale involves a contested roll by the leaders of both sides.

Special Abilities


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