The Town That Won't Stop Burning
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May 27, 2009: Since February 2008, the city of Coatesville, Pennsylvania in the United States has experienced a bizarre string of fires and arson - there have been 67 cases of fires so far. What baffles experts is the sheer number of fire, the large number of suspects with no clear connection to them, and the lack of any discernible pattern. Since February 2009, a curfew has been instituted which forbids anyone under the age of 18 to be out on the streets after 8pm.



Game and Story Use

  • Perhaps some demonic entity is possessing random citizens and impelling them to set the fires - causing them to forget the event once it leaves their bodies.
  • Alternatively, some creature made out of flame is causing the fires itself.
    • Perhaps this creature migrated there from the permanently burning fires of nearby Centralia, Pennsylvania - which is only about 80 miles away…
    • One way or the other, it was summoned in 2008 and will keep making a nuisance of itself until it is killed or sent home. Unfortunately no-one beleives in the supernatural anymore and investigators are liable to find themselves on the suspect list and/or subject to restraining orders.
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