The Wannabe

Basic Information

This Western Character isn't a genuine Gunslinger, but either he thinks he is, or he just wants to be one. His Quick Draw isn't. Not that he knows that. Most likely intends to call out (or just shoot in the back) some notorious character just to "prove" his skills or make his own name.

His purpose in the story is one of the following:

  • A minor threat, probably blown out of proportion.
  • A moral object lesson.
  • To die like a pitiful animal, such that some other character looks cooler by comparison.

Contrast with the Young Gun, a character who has the talent, and lacks only experience.


TV Tropes

Game and Story Use

  • Wild West Scenarios will have these fellows scattered across the painted backdrop. Such Mooks are sure to die by the wagonload once the lead starts flying. That they walked and talked like Outlaws and Gunslingers helps soften the emotional weight of their passing.
  • Could make an amusing PC. I envision a character who thinks he's a real tough hombre, but has no talent and a slow draw. Luck or some guardian angel (or the rest of the party) has kept him alive so far. That luck won't hold out forever, so have a back-up character handy.
  • A PC with a reputation as a Gunslinger will probably have to fend off idiots like this all the time.
  • A Big Bad Evil Guy might set these on a gunslinger PC, or a sufficiently amoral PC might use them to distract a gunslinger BBEG.

Building This Character


  • The Wannabe is, by definition, a low-level character. All that seperates him from Mooks is a tiny bit of personality.


  • The Wannabe should either have low attributes across the board, or else have decent attributes but no skills to back them up.
  • If accuracy and initiative are determined by two different stats in your system, he should have a good rating in one but bottom out the other.


  • Marksmanship is needed at it's lowest levels, but not bought up very high
  • Intimidation - because you're always trying to show off or prove yourself
  • Stealth because getting the drop on someone is the only way you'll ever win
  • Riding
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Agriculture, Survival or Professional Skills pertaining to the day job you never should have left.
  • Some sort of hobby skill to eat up more of your skill points so you can't actually be good at the gunfighting.
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