The Western
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Basic Information

The Western is a Genre of story, set in The American West, usually between 1840 and 1890.


Western Characters

The character lists are long enough to get their own pages:

Plotlines and Action Scenes

Guns and Gunplay Tropes

Miscellaneous Western Tropes

Overlapping Eras of History

Sub-Genres and Genre Variations


Methods of Transportation

Animals and Plants



Miscellaneous Equipment


2. RPG: Sidewinder Recoiled by Green Ronin - extensive d20 system rules for the Old West
3. RPG: Knuckleduster Firearms Shop by Forrest Harris - gaming stats for a huge selection of weapons from the Old West
4. RPG: Deadlands by Pinnacle Entertainment Group - wild west meets supernatural horror in an RPG
5. Miniatures Game: Shadows of Brimstone by Flying Frog Productions - wild west meets otherworldly horror in a cooperative miniatures game

Game and Story Use

  • Instantly recognizable setting and genre. A campaign located here will connect with the players before the GM finishes describing the first scene.
  • Elements of The Western can be incorporated into other settings. See New Old West and Space Western for ideas.
  • For a list of character types to populate the setting, see Western Characters.
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