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Basic Information

Theriocephaly refers to a human with the head of an animal. Many mythological creatures and characters of our oldest stories are theriocephalic, including:

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Game and Story Use

  • Our Random Animal Hybrid page can generate a random Theriocephalic creature for you.
  • We humans tend to be pretty good at telling other human faces apart, but many have more trouble distinguishing between two animals of the same breed. In a game with lots of mythological characters, the GM could have a lot of fun with mistaken identities.
  • Along the lines of The Island of Doctor Moreau, your world could have a single species of animal-headed people who individually have faces that match differing real-world animal species. (So instead of cat-men and dog-men, you'd just have a single animal-men species.) It's not particularly logical or sensible in terms of genetics, but some games and settings would work just fine with that.
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