Those Gas Masks At The Capitol Were Actually Escape Hoods
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January 11, 2021: Article discusses the origin and details of the interesting "Doomsday Hoods" used by Congress during their escape from the insurrection that invaded Capitol Hill on January 6. (The article doesn't call them Doomsday Hoods, but that's what most news media were calling them on the day in question.)


Game and Story Use

  • They or something like them are likely to be brought in to play if a riot, revolution, dirty bomb, gas attack, or other horrific disaster strikes anywhere that vitally important members of any major government are located.
  • They only cost $580 a piece, at least when purchased in quantity. Add that to your equipment lists, especially if the PCs work for a government agency or other patron that can place a large order.
  • See Doomsday Hood for more ideas.
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