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Basic Information

Thyesthai is an Greek term for religious feasting on a sacrificed animal. This was a normal practice in the classical world.

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Game and Story Use

  • May be part of how the priest, sage, wizard or wisewoman, sustains their lifestyle. People seeking knowledge of their fate bring animals to be sacrificed. Rather than (or in addition to) paying in bullion coin, you pay them directly in food.
  • The large banquet after an animal sacrifice such as haruspicy may be a way that the local community forms tight social bonds. This is especially true if the sacrifices happen on a regular schedule, such a holy day or festival.
  • If an animal being sacrificed is contaminated in some way, the banquet afterwards may spread that corruption to all who partake of it. If you plot needs an entire church or village full of werewolves, zombies, etc, this is an unconventional way to affect a bunch of people all at once.
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