Time Master
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Basic Information

The pinnacle of the time travel character power curve. He or she has the skills of the Veteran Chrononaut, the science of the Temporal Physics Professor, the magical tricks of the Chronomancer, and freedom of movement of the Fourth-Dimensional Lifeform. Those pages (plus Time Travel Tropes) provide a good summary of what the Time Master can do.

Or, more loosely, maybe he can just stop, bend, and manipulate time the way a pyromancer can create, control, and manipulate fire.

Point being, this guy's dangerous, and probably full of himself. You know what they say about Absolute Power.



Game and Story Use

  • Perfect Big Bad Evil Guy, provided there's some logical reason why he can't just obliterate the PCs several generations before they were born. If you can handle that one (such as, how about, he's their future son), then you've got a villain they'll love to hate, and really be challenged by.
  • Difficult to do in gaming without failing to live up to the hype. Even Doctor Who's Time Lords ended up needing a TARDIS for all the really cool tricks, and found themselves constantly hamstrung by the needs of the plot. A truly potent Time Master would kick their butts ten times to Creation.
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