Time Police
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Basic Information

The time police is a law enforcement organization, usually from The Future, dedicated to dealing with unauthorized time travel, especially when such time travel threatens to change history or cause paradox.

Note that the time police can only plausibly intervene if they've somehow detected the time travel. This may entail San Dimas Time, Delayed Ripple Effect, Ripple Effect Proof Memory and/or other tricks. Thus the presence or absence of -and the capabilities of- the time police in a story provide insight into how time travel works.



Game and Story Use

  • If the time police operates from the same time period as the main characters, their presence is a strong incentive against going rogue.
  • A campaign may revolve around the players working for the time police, dealing with all kinds of time traveling criminals.
  • Time police from the future could show up in any time travel story where things go awry. Possessing superior technology, time police from the future can be a formidable opponent or third party. If their appearances are meant to remain rare though some care may need to be taken to explain why they remain rare.
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld has the History Monks - a slightly variant force of Time Police with a distinctly Tibetan theme, tasked with maintaining causality and having a substantial talent to control the flow of time.
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