Time Travel
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Basic Information

Time Travel stories are about characters who travel through time. Possible motivations include changing history to avert a bad present or future, correcting changes made by other time travelers, personal gain (typically only by villains), or the results of a Stable Time Loop.
Time travel comes with risks such as getting stranded or inadvertently changing history. Paradoxes are also never far away, especially if you think about it. See Time Travel Tropes for a variety of possible hazards and plot developments.

When its specific themes are downplayed a bit time travel can combine well with other genres (particularly other Speculative Fiction genres), either as a one-off story arc or in the context of a conflict between the main characters and some other group of time travelers. (See Time Machine for some advice on keeping things under control.) The genre offers great freedom in combining characters and plot elements from any time period, and a writer willing to suffer some paradox can use Stable Time Loops to justify just about anything.

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