Time Travelers
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Basic Information

Time Travelers are people who travel through time, either via a Time Machine, supernatural powers, or via a Rip Van Winkle scenario. They might be great scientists, powerful wizards, or just some guy who happened to bumble through a Portal To The Past.

Time Travel Characters are a subset of Characters As Device and Characterization tropes specific to games featuring Time Travel. See also Time Travel Tropes.

List of Time Traveling Character Types:

There may also be monsters traveling time. See Fourth-Dimensional Lifeform and Clock Roaches.


This list isn't really taken from any one source, but includes several character-related tropes from the TV Tropes Wiki, along with various character roles that are more gaming-specific.

Game and Story Use

  • A time travel campaign will likely use characters from many different genres and settings, in addition the the time travelers themselves.
  • For ideas on times and places worth traveling to, see our History index.
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