Tiz al Nabi
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Carstairs came striding back over to us with a big grin on his face.
"See, I said those fellows would be helpful - the spot we're looking for is apparently called Tiz al Nabi and there's a little village sort of place just over the next hill where they'll be happy to tell us how to get there. Let's get our chaps back under way shall we Major Blood?"
Blood turned to me and rolled his eyes.
"Complete. Bloody. Idiot" he mouthed, and then turned to the men and gave the order to advance.

Basic Information

A location often found in Arabic speaking nations - and eagerly departed from by those who are unfortunate enough to find it. Also a popular name for objective towns in wargames of various kinds.

The name actually means "Arse of the Prophet" and is an Arabic vulgarism for "the back of beyond".


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Game and Story Use

  • This is the village PCs get sent to look for when they annoy someone - either when asking for directions, or just getting under their CO's feet in camp.
    • For the further amusement of their colleagues they may be sent to look for the Wali of Tiz al Nabi, who is often called something like Sheikh Yabouti.
  • The villages of Pouge Mahone1 (in Ireland) and Llareggub2 (in Wales) serve much the same function.
  • "When we founded the settlement, I made a comment about how we had to go to 'tiz al-nabi'. Now no matter how much we try, we can't get the name changed."
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