To Do List

The potential scope of the Arcana Wiki is vast, and there are only few limits on what kind of material can be added. For the limits that do exist, see the What The Arcana Wiki Is Not page. This page lists a few ongoing projects which have higher priority than "normal" contributions since they either seek to make the Arcana Wiki more structured, or make use of certain structural elements which still need to be implemented.

Adding Tags

One of the most vital tools in making the Arcana Wiki more structured are page tags. The tags of an entry are listed at the bottom of each page, and they can be edited by clicking the "tags" button - also at the bottom of each page. The most common tags can be seen in the "tag cloud" in the side bar. But that's not why they are so important.

The real importance of tags can be found in the so-called "ListPages" module used by the Wikidot.Com wiki code, since it can filter pages by tags - or can exclude pages with certain tags from specific lists. A good example can be seen on the Random Adventure Seeds page, which generates three random links to other pages. The random link generator on that page uses the following code:

[[module ListPages tags="-adventure_seed -campaign_setting -day -index -year" limit="3" order="random"]]
* %%linked_title%%

So, what does this code do, precisely? It generates three random links from all Arcana Wiki with the exception of pages with the adventure_seed, campaign_setting, day, index, and year tags. This means that it filters out all entries which do not hold inspirational material of their own, but are only link list and indexes to more interesting pages.

However, not all such tags have been implemented in all the appropriate pages - which they need to be if the Random Adventure Seeds (and similar pages like it) are to function properly. Therefore, the following tags need to be added to the appropriate pages:

Porting Material from the TV Tropes Wiki

The TV Tropes Wiki is a fantastic resource for storytelling and adventure elements, characters and characterization, and pretty much everything else useful to the creation of adventures and campaigns other than game rules. As a result, the Arcana Wiki has begun mirroring its structure in the Trope section - but since the TV Tropes Wiki is so vast, this effort is still in its very earliest stages. Nevertheless, the effort is worthwhile since the various tropes can be used in myriad ways in other parts of the Arcana Wiki - as will be described below:

One important point to remember: The goal is to mirror the structure of the TV Tropes Wiki, not its content! Leave all the examples from various movies, TV shows, literature etc. out, and leave only the trope names and the links, and come up with a basic description of the trope in your own words. However, do add a link to the equivalent page on the TV Tropes Wiki so that others will be able to do their own research there.

Adding Material for the Random Character Generator

The Random Characters page is an example of how TV Tropes Wiki material can be used in the Arcana Wiki. Unfortunately (as of this writing), not enough material has been ported over from the TV Tropes Wiki to make this generator useful. Thus, we need additional material from the TV Tropes Wiki which falls under the tags described on that page.

Random Plots

The structure for this is not yet clear, but it would essentially be an expanded and more structured version of the Random Adventure Seeds page, with some additional design elements from the Random Characters generator. It would likely make use of randomly picked elements from the following lists:

as well as a few other random wiki pages as inspiration. The precise structure should be debated on the discussion page for the To Do List.

Random Campaign Settings

Similar to Random Plots above, only on a larger scope.

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