Tongue-eating bug found in fish
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Basic Information

September 2, 2005: A bug has been found which has eaten away the tongue of a fish and attached itself to the stump, effectively replacing it.



Game and Story Use

  • A similar creature that does the same to humans would work well as Nightmare Fuel.
    • Also consider other body parts of humans that the creature might eat and replace instead of tongues (this can very easily cross over into squick).
    • Since humans are very likely to do something about such an attack, they will very likely only able to attack them if they are immobilized - when they are sleeping (and the creature probably injects some drug to keep them sleeping and preventing any pain from the attack), or when they are restrained. In the latter case, this might be used as a type of torture.
    • Consider a biotechnology or biothaumaturgy based variant that instead consumes, say, a hand and replaces it with a weapon system or an eye and provide its host with visual data from the UV or IR spectrum.
  • See also Charles Stoss's The Apocalypse Codex for a very similar critter making a nuisance of itself.
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