Touchable Hologram Becomes Reality
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August 6, 2009: Hologram projectors have been developed which not only track and follow the hand of an observer, but which also use ultrasound to make the user experience "touching" the holographic objects.



Game and Story Use

  • Such a technology might be a widespread background element in a Cyberpunk or Twenty Minutes Into The Future setting.
    • It could also be used to justify the holodeck from Star Trek.
    • And you just know that this is going to be used for interactive pornography, for those who wish to explore the seedier side of their worlds.
    • Twenty Minutes Into The Future Touchable Hologram technologies have evolved into the Virch - a mix of Second Life and Holodeck which has supplanted the Internet. Somewhere in the Virch, there is someone who is the key to bringing down a sinister conspiracy. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to be found- - he is have is immersed completely in the Virch, and has programmed several AIs whose sole purpose is to prevent him from being found even if it means killing those who search. Nonetheless, if you don't find him, those who serve the conspiracy will. So begins the three way struggle.
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