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THE wine they drink in Paradise
They make in Haute Lorraine;
God brought it burning from the sod
To be a sign and signal rod
That they that drink the blood of God
Shall never thirst again.

G.K. Chesterton

Basic Information

A somewhat rare form of variant vampire that relies on the Romanist doctrine of Transubstantiation, which holds that the bread and wine of the Eucharist is literally transformed into the body and blood of Christ … and specifically in this case that the wine is transformed into blood.

The Divine Blood then provides the Transubstantian Vampire with an alternative food source to human blood - and possibly a superior one which alleviates some aspects of the curse, much as animal blood is meant to be an inferior substitute.

Obviously this would require a vampire that wasn't Always Chaotic Evil … and probably one possessed of True Faith.

See Also


1. The Caine Files - Vampire The Masquerade fan fiction that uses (possibly introduced?) the concept

Game and Story Use

  • If your campaign setting is one in which a cross only scares vampires if held by a person with True Faith then this is the vampire to teach the PCs this safely.
  • The Transubstantian might be a good shock encounter for PCs who are used to Always Chaotic Evil vampires that they can freely kill.
  • He might also be a good patron for a (vampire killing teenage girl not covered by someone's IP1), or an advisor for more credible vampire hunters. Or a hunter in his own right.
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