Traumatic Insemination
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Basic Information

Traumatic insemination is a type of reproduction practiced by some species of invertebrates. In such cases, the male pierces the abdomen of the female with his penis and implants his sperm through the wound, which causes them to eventually reach the ovaries of the female.

Thankfully this only works on creatures with relatively uncompartmentalised innards (hence the invertebrates).



Game and Story Use

  • Larger creatures practicing this would certainly qualify as nightmare fuel (and squick…).
    • It gets worse if such creatures do not discriminate by species regarding whom they inseminate - or by gender
      • It's not normally plausible that such a cross-species/cross-gender insemination would result in some sort of pregnancy - but in fantasy settings, different rules might apply.
        • This is especially appropriate for demons and similar supernatural creatures.
      • Alternatively, such creatures might represent genetic parasites
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