Tricked Out Time
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Basic Information

Something horrible happens. Later, you get in your time machine, and decide to go back and prevent it from ever happening. However, you live in a setting where You Cant Fight Fate. So, instead of completely preventing the tragedy, you carefully craft a plan that will leave the same evidence, but escape the horrible consequences. Faking The Dead and Decoy Getaway are two possible methods. Since you have a time machine, you can take those two extremes, with android doubles, forcefields, holograms, etc. If that doesn't work, you can always go hypnotize your younger self into thinking it happened the way you saw it, when really it didn't (or vice-versa). Don't know hypnosis? Pick it up in an Instant Guitar Lesson.

That's Tricked Out Time, the dodging of fate via clever trickery and carefully maintained illusions.


2. RPG: Continuum - Makes provisions for this, and how you might even dodge your own death. The Thespian Fraternity specializes in impersonating historical figures for times when something goes horribly wrong.

Game and Story Use

  • Of course, some scenarios may be really hard to fake, unless you're a very experienced professional. An entire campaign could be based around a division of the Time Police that specializes in this sort of thing.
    • "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rescue all the victims of this known serial killer, and take them to a Temporal Safehouse. It's important that the Ignorant Leveler media and police never find out that you've rescued them, and that the killer still dies in a shoot-out with police. Your client in this mission is the third victim of the killer - if you fail to save him, there will be no pay for your efforts."
    • It gets even worse if the disaster is an information leak or a culture developing in a particular way.
  • If you go around hypnotizing yourself on a regular basis, there's probably going to be some serious paranoia creeping into the campaign. What if your enemies start hypnotizing you? What if Future Me Scares Me? You may find you can't trust your own sense anymore.
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