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Basic Information

A tulip is a large vibrantly-colored flower, of which there are about 75 species and more than a thousand varietal strains.

Tulip bulbs look a bit like an onion, but are somewhat toxic and should not be eaten. Tulip petals, however, are generally edible unless you have an allergy.

From 1600 to 1637 the bulbs were at the heart of the speculative bubble known as tulipomania.



Game and Story Use

  • Tulip bulbs could make for an interesting treasure, especially during tulipomania. The market crashed in February 1637, so you could give the players a large supply of bulbs early in that year, and see if they can find a buyer before it all goes to seed.
  • If you want a colorful place to set a scene, google up some pictures of a tulip field. Seems like a great place for dead drop, or a hostage exchange, contrasting the beauty and color with the dirty deal going down.
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