U.S. Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq
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March 12, 2009: An American jet has shot down an Iranian drone over Iraq. The article also gives some information on Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles:

  • The Ababil ("Swallow") has a wingspan of 10 feet, and has a cruising speed of 160 knots.
  • The Mohajer/Misrad ("Migrant") is smaller and slower.

Iran has supplied both of these drones to Hezbollah. Furthermore, the Iranian government has claimed that it has built a drone with a range of up to 600 miles, which would enable Iran to reach most of the Middle East.



Game and Story Use

  • As drones and UAVs become more and more common, drone warfare will likely become a major part of war.
  • In addition to reconnaissance, such drones could be refitted as flying bombs to hit high-profile targets from long distances.
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