The Crumbling of the White Tower
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**By ** goldenerasuburb

For longer than anyone can remember, the Wizard of the White Tower has ruled over these lands. As he sees it, his rule is a just one and any who oppose it are blackest evil (Knight Templar) and thus must be purged. There were those who agreed, and there were those who did not, but as long as he had the Amulet of Power (MacGuffin it was a moot point; he was unstoppable, immortal, and would stay in power no matter what people thought of him. Then some one stole it. (Impossible Thief)

This was as unexpected as it was devastating the White Tower's hold on the world. Without the Amulet, the Wizard could be killed. If he could be killed, then there would be a power vacuum that anyone could fill. Those loyal to the Wizard of the White Tower have set out to make sure this does not happen. At first they tried to hide this new development. While this worked with the public at large, a loose confederation of dissidents known as the Underground (La Resistance) have learned the secret through a Turn-Coat from within the upper-echelons of the White Tower's power structure. This was their chance - they could end the tyranny once and for all

At first there were cells that considered finding the Amulet and using it for the greater good. This was discarded when they were reminded that this was exactly what the Wizard tried to do. The decision was made - the amulet was to be destroyed that no one may ever again rule as the Wizard had. Meanwhile, the Wizard himself is fearful about one of his subordinates trying to kill him and rule in his place (The Starscream). This is not paranoia. These types seek not only to kill the Wizard but to rule as he did - through the power of the Amulet.

Where do the PCs fit in? They are work for either an Underground Cell, the Loyalists of the White Tower, or for someone in the White Tower who seeks to take the Wizard's place - unless one of them seeks to do that for his or her self. They might be seeking the Amulet out to destroy it or obtain it They might assassinate the Wizard or protect him. Either way the results of their actions will resonate through out their world.

Further Game and Story Ideas

  • For a really interesting plot twist the "theft" is actually a false flag operation cum xanatos gambit by the wizard. The amulet isn't missing at all, and he has merely kicked the anthill to see which way his subordinates run and who is and isn't loyal to him.
  • Again, for deep plot, you may want to consider where the amulet came form in the first place - was it stolen from precursors of some kind (maybe the Gods themselves or some kind of sealed evil in a can) or was it made by some long lost human civilisation. Maybe the original owner has taken it back?
    • The wizard has been around longer than anyone can remember … where did he come from? Is he just an extremely skilled mortal, or is he more like one of Tolkein's wizards - something far older and more powerful than mankind?
  • Alternatively the wizard has tried to make it unstealable by adsorbing its power - destroying the amulet in the process. How much he managed to adsorb, and how well he can hang onto it, will define which of the scenarios above is most applicable.
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