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Basic Information

The Vaquero is a Mexican or Mexican-American cowboy. Other terms for roughly the same character concept include Gaucho and Charro.

It's from the Vaqueros that we get the word "rodeo" and many of the events and equipment included in it, so this character type may overlap with the Rodeo Rider. Many early vaqueros were mestizos or Native Americans who worked in missions in colonial New Spain. The Spanish originated what we now consider the cowboy tradition, beginning with the hacienda system of medieval Spain.



Game and Story Use

  • A cowboy who goes rogue becomes the Wild West Outlaw or The Rustler. When the same transition happens to a Vaquero, he becomes the Bandito.
  • As noted above, Medieval Spain actually invented the cowboy. Certainly, a fantasy world could do the same, possibly with something more exotic than just Cattle to herd. Get along little hydras!
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