Venezuela demands the return of Grandmother Kueka
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June 19 2012

Venezuela has demanded the return from Germany of a 35 tonne boulder that they claim has mystical significance. Local legend in the area from which the stone was taken tells that it used to be a woman who was turned to stone as the result of a curse and that its separation from another stone which was once the woman's lover has lead to a series of natural disasters.

The stone was taken from Venezuela under disputed circumstances by a German artist and currently resides in a sculpture garden in Berlin.

See Also

The Venerable Man - a similar sort of problem, albiet one in which the object in question had actually been identified as of religious significance.

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Game and Story Use

  • Always the possibility that the stone is the home of a powerful spirit - maybe even part of a pair of spirits as the Amerindian legend suggests.
    • For a really complicated scenario, the 'wife' spirit actually quite likes Berlin and wants to stay, but the 'husband' spirit is enraged at losing her. Anyone know a good divorce shaman?
    • Alternatively the two spirits are quite enjoying the peace after millennia together and will be grumpy if reunited.
  • Must have been a large woman to get transformed into 35 tonnes of rock…
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