Venus Was Potentially Habitable (until a mysterious event happened)
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September 20, 2019: CNN article reports that scientists now believe Venus was potentially habitable for billions of years. Advanced climate simulations suggest that Venus had stable oceans, a temperate climate, and an atmosphere not terribly unlike our own until about 700 million to 750 million years ago, when some unknown event, probably volcanic in origin, released large amounts of carbon dioxide from the planet's crust into the air and started run-away global warming and a drastic thickening of the atmosphere.

Prior to the big event, storm clouds would have been enough to (deflect the excess sunlight that hits Venus and) keep the planet habitable / cool.



Game and Story Use

  • This means a precursor civilization could be hidden as close as the next planet inward, buried beneath the hot fog.
  • The current appearance and chemical composition of Venus could be used as a "roadmap" for what the earth may look like in some distance future where mankind fled a dying planet and spread out to the stars.
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