Vertical Farming
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Basic Information

Vertical Farming is a proposed method of conducting large-scale agriculture in urban high-rises. This would enable food production close to the market, save an fuel and energy as the produce does not need to be transported from rural areas), and yield large harvests due to the controlled environment which makes year-round harvests possible.

See Also


1. The Vertical Farm Project - website with plenty of explanations, images, and designs for vertical farming

Game and Story Use

  • Many Cyberpunk and science fiction adventures involve action and combat scenes in tall buildings. Vertical farms provide a way of making the terrain for firefights more interesting and tactically challenging.
  • Almost certainly a feature in the arcology or city planet.
  • A vertical farm might not contain just food crops. Recreational drugs, parasitic plants, plant monsters, or pests might all have hitch-hiked or been deliberately introduced.
  • Might be a partial recovery of urban prairie.
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