4 Vesta

This page is about the asteroid. For the goddess after which it was named, see Vesta (mythology).

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Basic Information

The asteroid Vesta is officially known as 4 Vesta, as it was the fourth asteroid ever discovered. Vesta was first detected in 1807. Its average diameter is about 530 kilometers (330 miles), though it is not entirely spherical. Vesta is the only asteroid bright enough to be seen from Earth with the unaided eye.

Vesta orbits in the asteroid belt.

Vesta has an enormous impact crater, around 460 kilometers (285 miles) in diameter, which is its dominant surface feature.

Those running spacefaring campaigns might find it useful to note that Vesta's escape velocity is 0.35 kilometers per second (1150 feet per second, or 750 miles per hour) - this is about the speed of sound in Earth's atmosphere at sea level.



Game and Story Use

  • Vesta could be a site for asteroid mining.
  • The giant impact crater on Vesta might be a Precursor weapon test site.
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