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"…but you are a Doctor? Right?"
"I'm a vet"
"A combat veteran?"
"A veterinarian".

(Rick and Herschel The Walking Dead)

Basic Information

A Veterinary Physician, or Veterinarian, (often called a Vet for short) is a doctor who treats animals.

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2. Novels: All Creatures Great and Small and sequels by James Herriot; reminicensces of an English country vet living in the 1930s.

Game and Story Use

  • If animals play a significant role in your campaign; if the PC's ride mounts, for example, or if one has a familiar; the health of those animals may become important in the game. Giving a character some veterinary knowledge may be useful.
  • Or, if one of their animals falls ill, they may have to seek out a professional who knows how to treat it.
  • Like Herschel, they may also be the nearest thing going to an actual doctor.
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