Video Analytics
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Basic Information

Video Analytics is the technology, software and process of using computers to automatically analyze video footage from a security camera.

Such systems are used as a virtual tripwire in major airports to identify possible terrorists and illegal activity. Rather than having a person assigned to monitoring the video feed, a computer scans pixel changes looking for patterns that are indicative of possible problems. If the computer finds such a pattern, it automatically alerts security personnel - who can respond immediately or review the footage, depending on the type of alert (and local policy).

The state-of-the-art software is getting pretty sophisticated, and can detect specific behavior and objects. It's a far cry from older Video Motion Detection technology. See also Facial Recognition System.



Game and Story Use

  • Twenty Minutes Into The Future, this technology will improve even further.
    • A spy or criminal might think they've just got to get past a guard or a cop, but in actuality, his desk, workstation, guard post or squad car is equipped with a camera and a Video Analytics system. Reinforcements are on the way before they've pulled the trigger.
    • Futuristic gun control laws might require a gun camera that can tell self-defense from murder, and which calls the police when you pull the trigger.
    • Big Brother will use it for constant surveillance of all the citizens of the Cyberpunk Dystopia.
      • There could be a camera in your bathroom that verifies that you've taken your daily medication.
      • The camera in your bedroom recognizes illegal paraphilia or adultery.
  • If your plotline involves the creation or research into one of these systems, visit the Wikipedia page - it lists 4 ongoing development projects at 7 institutions.
  • These reduce the need for humans watching the monitors, but don't eliminate it. Watch for flash mobs designed to trip the cameras by all engaging in suspicious activity at the same time.
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