Village Smithy
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Basic Information

Ye Olde Village Smithy is the place where the local Blacksmith manufactures and sells items of Iron and Steel. It's a common visit for adventurers looking to stock up, and may well be the most important store in a town.

It's a great place for a fight scene. In movies, sometimes we'll be treated to a Forging Scene or montage at the smithy.

Objects you'll find in the blacksmith's shop:



Game and Story Use

  • With that hot forge and heavy tools, the village smithy has plenty of improvised weapons close at hand. It could be an exciting spot for a fight scene.
  • The forge is also a source of potential danger for the town. A fire might start there and spread to nearby buildings.
  • See Blacksmith and Smith for further ideas.
  • Ironically, one thing you normally won't find there is weapons - weaponsmithing was a seperate trade - often a seperate guild - and normally outside the competence and experience of a run-of-the-mill blacksmith. He can probably have a go at making weapons - as some can be quite easily improvised from agricultural tools - but he's unlikely to have any sitting about.
    • Also, they're probably not worth his time and money to make and hold in stock - most "big ticket" items (like weapons) were made to order or schedule in the middle ages. Stock was limited to stuff you could reasonably expect passing trade to purchase and that wouldn't normally include weapons, even if the smith could make them.
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