Vortex Ring Gun
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Basic Information

The vortex ring gun (alternatively vortex ring projector- mainly for PR reasons) is a (currently experimental) less lethal ranged weapon which fires stable vortex rings of gas at high energy.

This gas can either be inert (either literally so - e.g. nitrogen - or simply be compressed air) or can contain chemical agents, dyes or similar things for added effect. The inert vortex rings simply rely on the force of their impact to knock down and/or stun the target.

Currently these weapons are not particularly effective as designers struggle to generate sufficient impact on target and to prevent any payload in the vortex rings leaking out, but protoypes are in existence which can hit targets at 30m range or more.


"The Other Wiki" on vortex ring guns.

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Game and Story Use

  • Obviously useful as tech twenty minutes into the future once the bugs have been ironed out.
    • These would appear to be what the baton guns used in Minority Report were based on.
  • May also be useful against swarm shifters, swarms or other not particularly cohesive targets (elementals?).
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