Wasteland Elder
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Basic Information

The Wasteland Elder is a character trope found most commonly in rundown subsistence-level villages, be they in the Middle Ages, the Wild West, or a Post-Apocalyptic setting. He or she is one of the oldest survivors, whom the rest of the community looks to for guidance. He's not officially The Mayor, or even technically the leader. He (or she) is just someone that's universally respected, and known by all to have the best interests of the community at heart.



Game and Story Use

  • When the PCs roll in to Adventure Town, it's usually the Wasteland Elder who first approaches them and asks for help in dealing with the Big Bad Evil Guy.
  • A good choice for the NPC Mentor role.
  • May also be psychic, know an old prophecy, or have helpful magic items to give the PCs.
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