Weapon Of Choice
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Basic Information

Weapon of Choice is a characterization trope where the weapon a character wields tells you details about their personality. There's a huge list over at the TV Tropes Wiki, and attempting to compete with that would be mostly madness and wasted effort. If you need some ideas, pop over there and check out their excellent list.

You may have ended up on this page via our random characters tool, listing "weapon of choice" as a universal_characterization trope. In that case, you're probably looking for an appropriate random weapon for your new NPC to use. We've got you covered.

Random Weapon Chooser:



Game and Story Use

  • If you put a little thought into it, you can determine a lot about a character by their weapon choice (or conversely, pick a weapon that really matches the spirit of the character). Do they favor fast and agile weapons that strike critical hit weak points or overwhelm with a flurry of blows? Do they carry a huge slow two-handed weapon that requires more strength than skill? Is their weapon an emblem of their profession, such as the halberd of the swiss guard or a cop's trusty service revolver?
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