Weirdness Isolation Tropes
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Basic Information

The following tropes represent ways that an author or GM might explain away the ramifications of supernatural or unusual elements of his or her setting.

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Especially useful in games dealing with Alternate History, Secret History, and Conspiracy Theory.

For contrast, see Deconstruction and Ignores Aesoptinum.



Game and Story Use

  • If your setting looks like our normal mundane world on the surface, but has deep dark secrets or subtle variations, you'll probably use one or more of these tropes to justify it.
  • Declaring the setting is Like Reality Unless Noted is a very common (and effort-saving) shortcut for gaming. It's generally better than the confusion and frantic hand-waving that comes from poorly defined settings, and arguably better than a huge exposition dump in session one.
  • Depending on which set of tropes you use, the players may be aided or hindered by the Masquerade. They may have to cover their tracks with care and effort, or may be able to just trust that it'll all work out. They may be actively trying to cover up, or actively trying to expose, the truth. There's a lot of options there, and it may be a good idea to make sure your whole game group is on the same page.
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